Our mission is to promote quality of life in Armenia through the implementation of educational, cultural, and sporting projects.

Our vision is Armenia, where charitable foundations have nothing to do.


FREEDOM, which assumes the principle of VOLUNTARY CONDUCT, that is, our Founders, Applicants, Contributors, Sponsors, and Partners act on a voluntary basis, and their work is not conditioned by any influence or expectation.

HONESTY, which assumes the principle of TRANSPARENCY, that is the finances and all operations of the Fund are absolutely transparent for everyone.

LIABILITY, which assumes the principle of EFFICIENCY, that is the Fund is prudent in regard to its administrative and other expenses in order to direct its financial resources for the accomplishment of its acknowledged goals.

FAIRNESS, which assumes the principle of OBJECTIVITY, that is the recourses of the FUND are allocated to Applicants and Projects based on explicitly defined criteria.

PERFECTION, which assumes the principle of DEVELOPMENT, that is the Fund nurtures continuous excellence fostering sustainable development through EDUCATION.